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The TREND club (Turning Recreational Events in New Directions) is a student-led organization that promotes non-violent, alcohol-free, and drug-free lifestyles through educational programs and positive alternatives to the other scenes of drug and alcohol use.
The club is involved in several events throughout the year.  The club sponsors Red Ribbon Week activities promoting students to live drug free. This year we will observe Red Ribbon Week October 22 - 26.  The club also oversees our school's participation in the statewide Battle of the Belt competition against other schools in the state.  This campaign encourages wearing seat belts and wearing them correctly with the ultimate goal of the state to reduce fatalities when accidents occur.  They are also involved in community service events.  According to Mr. Bockenstedt, "the highlight of the year is hosting the Senior Citizen Prom, a  dance for the older members of our community where they can come out and reminisce while listening and dancing to songs they experienced when they were younger."

Contact Mr. Bockenstedt if you would like to join.

Trend Winners

During Red Ribbon Week TREND hosted a poster contest for high school and middle school. This year the winners are: First place, Russell Lovelace, 12, Second Place, Olivia Mosley, 11, and Third place, Danielle Brooks and Rebecca Hagan. Thank you for all of the participation.