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Quiz Bowl

Quiz bowl is a group of students who go to competitions to test their intellectual skills. There are normally four people per team.  Each team goes against another team to answer academic-centered questions for points. Each team has a buzzer and are to hit it first and answer the question correctly to earn points. 
Quiz bowl is usually for the students in need of an outlet for their intellectual energy. These students are motivated and aspire to attend top colleges and university. You can expand your learning through out your duration of this club. 

 Date Location Opponents Wins (W) & Losses(L)
 1/8/13 at Wellsville Wellsville,North Callaway, Montgomery City L, L, L
 1/22/13 Home         Silex, Van-Far     W, W (tie-breaker)
 2/5/13 at Wright City Wright City, Elsberry L, L
 2/19/13     at Clopton Clopton, Bowling Green