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NHS (National Honor Society) is an organization of Juniors and Seniors whose GPA is above a 3.3. NHS is an organization that awards students with leadership, character, scholarship, and service. 
NHS members include:        
Caleb Bertels                       
Terasa Black                       
Paige Curtis                         
Justin Durham                     
Jacob Eastwood
Paige Harris
Ryan Kitchen
Tyler Mays
Christina McCoskey
Kaitlin Orr
Rebekah Polacek
Kristen Rutherford
Adessa Slavens
Sean Wilson
Pictured: This years new members.
Pictured: (Left to right) Paige Harris, Terasa Black, Kristen Rutherford, and Becky Polacek.

Officers are: 
President: Paige H.
Vice President: Terasa
Secretary: Becky 
Treasurer: Kristen
   This year's new new members are: 
Alex Becker
Megan Byrd
Larin Fielder
Lindsey Gastler
Julie Hale
Kaleb Harris
Amelia Knipfel 
Shane Myers
Haley Rutherford
Megan Shmeling
Ashley Steele 
Cortney Bohr