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Cross Country

Cross Country

Almost to the Finish Line

By: Paige Curtis, 12

            This year's Cross Country team, coached by Kris Cross of Vandalia, had seven members: Kaitlyn Orr (12), Leah Mays (11), Ryan Kitchen (12), Nick Jensen (12), Cameron Foreman (12), Sean Wilson (12), and Lance Gibson (12). The team ran in many meets including the Hamburger Meet in Clopton on October 16th. In this meet there were nine teams. On the girl’s side were twenty-four runners, including  Mays who medaled in 8th place with a time of 22:24, beating her personal best by a minute and a half. Orr placed 17th with a time of 23:53, also a personal best. In the boys run, Kitchen placed 20th with a time of 19:51.

Another memorable meet was on September 24th when Community R-VI Cross Country met six teams at the Clopton meet. During this meet, Kitchen placed ninth with a time of 19:26 beating his personal record, Foreman placed 13th with a time of 20:40, and Gibson placed 14th with a time of 21:01. On the girl’s side, Orr was the only runner from R-VI and placed third with a time of 24:41.

This year’s districts were held at Bowling Green on October 27th, and all of the runners did very well. Orr and Foreman placed 18th, Mays placed 10th giving her the advance to state, and Kitchen placed 8th also advancing to state. Mays and Kitchen will both be running on November 3rd in Jefferson City. During the season, Coach Cross told Ron Schott of the Vandalia Leader, “As a coach, it is always nice to see the times dropping every meet and see everyone improving. That is all I can ask for.”