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Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Salute To Our Veterans

By: Chris Wieberg, 12

Every year, Community R-6 Student Council has a Veteran’s Day event. They start by having a breakfast that starts at 8 a.m. for all of the local Veterans. Then, they call all of the students down for an assembly at 9 a.m..

This year, the assembly was held on Friday, November 9. The events included the Community R-6 band playing music and the R-6 choir singing songs for the Veterans to show their appreciation. The middle school and high school choirs performed the “National Anthem” and the 1st Hour ITV students led the “Pledge of Allegiance.” The high school band performed both the “Washington Post March” and “America the Beautiful.” The 8th grade band performed the “National Emblem Band” and “Screaming Eagles March.” Community R-VI’s High School Choir followed with “All That They Had They Gave.Also, Russell Lovelace(12) played a song for the veterans on his guitar called Letters from Home. To wrap up the assembly, cadets from MMA performed a flag-folding ceremony.

There were about 30 veterans who showed up with experience ranging from World War II all the way to the 2012 War on Terror.  

When Paige Harris (12) was asked how she thought Veterans Day went she said, “Veterans Day went well, but not without imperfection.  The Veterans deserve the best we canffer”.         

Right: Pictured are the veterans who showed up for breakfast hosted by Student Council. 
Left: The crowd was giving a standing ovation to the Veterans for serving our country.