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NHS Induction

NHS Induction

Welcoming New Members

By: Paige Curtis, 11

            National Honor Society, sponsored by Mrs. Briggs, is a club that includes students who can maintain at least a 3.3 grade point average throughout their junior and senior year. On November 5, 2012 the National Honor Society (NHS) held an induction for the junior and senior members of Community R-VI who met the qualifications. The officers, Paige Harris (President), Terasa Black (Vice President), Becky Polacek (Secretary), and Kristen Rutherford (Treasurer), all spoke during the event. Parents were also invited to attend the ceremony. To start off the night, the students were sworn into the club by Terasa Black, then they lit the candle of leadership, character, scholarship, and service. Next, all of the new inductees were asked to sign the official book, were given a certificate, and shook hands with the officers, Mrs. Briggs, Mr. Marshall, and Mrs. Mack. After the ceremony, the students, parents and faculty were invited to eat cookies and punch in the hallway. Mrs. Briggs said, “We have added an extraordinary and successful group of students into a great club of excelling members.” 

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1.) The NHS officers from left to right, Paige Harris (President), Terasa Black (Vice President), Kristen Rutherford (Treasurer), and Becky Polaceck (Secretary). 
2.) The new members for this year from left to right, (top row) Megan Byrd, Ashley Steele, Kaleb Harris, Lindsey Gastler, Alex Becker, (bottom row) Julie Hale, Kayla Rutherford, Shane Myers, Megan Schmeling, and Amelia Kniphel. 
3.) Pictured are the new members lighting their candles.