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Musicians Striving For Greatness

Musicians Striving for Greatness!

By: Ashely Steele, 11

            Each year the Community R-VI Choir attends the EMO Conference and the Community R-VI Band attends the NEMO Conference to broaden the students’ experiences in their own talents.

            On November 17, 2012 the choir went to Silex, MO to perform with a group of students from various schools.  The students split into groups based on their voice, such as alto, soprano, tenor, or bass. The conference choir consists of Courtney Hoyt (10), Olivia Mosley (10), Lakin Davenport (10), Amelia Kniphel (11), Morgan Kuda (11), Bianca Stafford (11), Aaron Johnson (11), Dalton Oligschiaeger (12), Jewelee Winn (11), Curtis Lierheimer (11), Takoda Cochran (9), Keith Caldwell (12), Joesie Allen (10), Tina McCoskey (12), Shayla Cates (11), and Stephanie Smith (9). Kelsey Hilderman (10) was supposed to attend, but due to personal matters she didn’t go. When asked about the conference, the choir director, Mrs. Eva Eikel, said, “I think my students connected very well with the Clinician, Kathy Bhat, choir director at Orchard Farm High School. They not only performed, but had a musical experience that will not be forgotten by the students or audience alike.”

           On November 10, 2012 the band attended the NEMO Conference. Mrs. Rose Wilburn, Band Director, asked her students if they would like to audition for district band and Curtis Lierheimer (11) and Dana Schulte (10) both volunteered to go. At the conference they performed scales and music pieces in front of judges. Unfortunately, neither of them made it. Despite the outcome, Mrs. Wilburn was still proud of them and said, “NEMO District is one of the toughest Districts to audition for, both Curtis Lierheimer and Dana Schulte spent about a month and a half preparing scales and short musical excerpts to play in front of a judge. It is a stressful event but if a student makes it, and then it is a wonderful reward to get to play with other talented musicians in the district. Unfortunately neither student made it this year but will keep trying. I’m very proud of their effort!”

            Community R-VI is very proud of the students who attended these conferences this year. They worked hard to achieve the ability to attend and learned new ways to broaden their talent.