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Girls Basketball

girls basketball

A Confident Start to a New Team

By: Bridget McGrew, 12 

The 2012 high school girl’s basketball season starts on Tuesday, November 27. As everyone gets ready for the hollering and clapping, the girls have been practicing fiercely to succeed even farther than last year’s record of 11 wins and 14 losses, and their conference record of 5 wins and 4 losses. The new seniors are Paige Harris and Paige Curtis, Curtis being the leading scorer from last season at 7 points and 8 rebounds per game. The newcomers who will help out the team are freshman Danielle Brooks and junior Ashley Steele. Coach Curtis says, “They are both new to the program and will help us be the deepest team we have had in a few years.” That’s exciting! According to Coach Curtis, the team’s strengths are full court press and half court defense, as well as rebounding. Right now, their weakness is perimeter shooting.  Coach Curtis also comments, “I think that we are going to have a very good season and I hope that we compete for first place in both of the tournaments that we are in. I think we are one of the top three teams in our district; Chamois and Glasgow are the other two.” The juniors of the 2012 basketball team are Leah Mays, Julie Hale, Emmalee McCoskey, and Amelia Knipfel. They will definitely be fighting for a starting position and adding a lot of experience to the team. This year should be fun and entertaining to the fans in the stands. These girls are rough and they will let you know it! Join the team on November 27 at Mark Twain High School to open up the season!! 

Pictured above is the Girls Basketball team
First row (left)- Samantha Jackson 10, Ameila Kniphel 11, Morgan Kuda 11, Ashley Steele 11, Paige Harris 12, Paige Curtis 12, Bianca Stafford 11, Julie Hale 11, Leah Mays 11, Emmalee McCoskey 11. Second Row (left)- Coach Bob Curtis, Mikyla Wagner 9, Danielle Brooks 9, Courtney Bertals 9, Stephanie Smith 9, Rebecca Hagen 9, Courtney Wieberg 9, Karissa Graves 9, and Assistent Holly Gemes.