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Boys Basketball

Boys Basketball

New Coach, New District, and a New Season

By: Chris Wieberg, 12 

The Community R-IV Trojans basketball team has a new coach, Dave Smith, due to the departure of James Benson. Coach Smith calls himself a defensive-minded coach and looks to have a strong defense. They look to be a very competitive basketball team and compete for the Class 1 state title. The Trojans will have senior leadership from Sean Wilson, Justin Durham, Cameron Foreman, Tyler Mays, Ryan Kitchen and Keith Caldwell. Also returning on varsity are Clay Thebeau (10) and Lane Thebeau (10). Varsity newcomers are Shane Myers (11), Kaleb Harris (11) Conner Brooks (10), Kyle Curtis (10) and Doug Davenport(10).

When Coach Smith was asked by Ron Shot of the Vandalia Leader about what his keys were to winning this season, Coach Smith said that “as long as they guard, rebound, and take care of the ball we should be pretty dang good.”

Their biggest competition for the Trojans will be Clopton and North Callaway.  For Homecoming, they will have a rematch of the District semifinals last year against Silex where the Trojans won by a buzzer-beater three.                      

            When Sean Wilson was asked what he looks forward to in this upcoming season he said, “to play as hard as we can every night and to make a serious run at a State Championship.” The Trojans have a serious chance at state this year, so they look to make a long run in Districts and it should be fun.


Pictured: The new basketball team for this year.