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Barns of Fun

By: Paige Curtis

            Barnwarming is an event held every year and is hosted by Future Farmers of America (FFA). This year it was held on November 2nd from seven-thirty to ten. This event is open to FFA members and their dates only; FFA members have to ask a date to this event or they have to kiss a goat. The night was full of dancing and playing games. To kick off the evening, they started an event called the Singing Bee where one member from every class had two chances to finish the lyrics once a song was stopped. This year’s winner was Amelia Knipfel (11). Then they announced the king and queen of Barnwarming. They have two members, a boy and a girl, nominated by their class to be queen and king. The class that has the most money collected at Barnwarming is the winner. This year’s winners were Danielle Brooks (9) and Collin Dungan (9). Next was the straw bale toss. This game required a member from every class to compete in throwing a straw bale as far as they could without crossing the line; Trever Hoyt (10) threw the square bale the farthest and was the winner. The dance off was another game where a member from each class had one song to dance to and whoever had the best moves would be cheered for allowing the crowd to vote. The winner with the best moves was Cameron Foreman (12) wearing a banana suit. The rope was then laid out for the traditional class tug of war using only four people from each class per team. The first game was the seniors versus the sophomores and second was the juniors versus the freshman. The seniors beat the sophomores knocking them into the third place game and the juniors beat the freshman putting them in the championship game. After all the battles, the junior team beat the seniors. This team consisted of Ethan Knipfel, Kaleb Harris, Mason Sims, and Nick Gastler. The calf-feeding bottles were brought out for the next game called the apple cider chug. One student from each class had to chug the cider from a calf feeding bottle without throwing up. The two-year champ Nick Gastler (11) won. The last game the FFA members participated in was the human table. Four members from each class had to use each other to hold themselves up as shown in the picture below. The juniors, Amelia Knipfel, Leah Mays, Ethan Knipfel, and Kaleb Harris, won this event holding themselves up for six minutes and fifty-five seconds. After all of the events, the DJ played songs and allowed everyone to dance until ten o’clock. Ashley Steele, a new member of Community R-VI’s FFA said, “It was different from a usual dance. I really enjoyed it and my favorite part was the games.” Over all, the night was a success and everyone enjoyed it. 

1.)      2.)       3.)       4.)  
1.) Pictured from left to right: Lindsey Gastler (11) ,last years queen, Danielle Brooks (9), this years queen, Collin Dungan (9) this years king, and Nick Gastler (11), last years king. 
2.) Tug of war event
3.)Pictured is Ryan Kitchen (12) chugging cider out of the calf feeding bottle. 
4.) Pictured is the winners, juniors, of the human table beating the freshman in the background.