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World Trends

World Trends

Different Trends, Different Places

By: Paige Curtis, 12

            Over the years there have been thousands of trends. Each year has something new to present to the world. Clothing has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until the 1900s when a fashion designer put his name on the clothing he made. His name was Charles Fredrick Worth. There were a lot of other designers around at that time, though. Around that time women wore elegant dresses and men wore comfortable work clothes and special occasion tuxedos. Things have changed between the 1900s and now, 2013.

            Around the world people have been following various trends. In the United States there are jeggings, which are skin tight jeans. Although they have a jean look, they have the leggings feel without having real denim. Jeggings were first introduced in Scandinavia for men and women. Originally from Europe, people started wearing fascinators, hats made out of feathers and other various items. People in the United States of America have used that to make other hair pieces such as headbands and stylish hats. Or if you go swimming or go to the beach you can wear a facekini. The facekini was made in China to protect you from the sun’s rays and prevent a tan. In China, if you have a tan that means you are a peasant and work a lot. If you wish to go to Mexico you may see cowboy boots with a pointy toe, in various different lengths.

Many people are even using cosmetic surgeries and dentistry to look different. In China, people are wearing pollution masks to help create a kind of fresh air. Also from China and Japan, is the Yaeba teeth look. Yaeba teeth push the front two incisors up and push back the other two to give it a “snaggletooth” appearance. This is a look they give children to make them look cute. Many young actresses in Japan have followed this trend. If you would happen to want a new place to put your jewelry, you could go to the Netherlands and have a new surgery to have eye jewelry. It is the only place it is completely legal and is a safe procedure. Another body modification that have been used is called the bagel head. This is a procedure in Japan that injects saline into the forehead creating a bubble and then making a manual indention to create the bagel look. The United States of America has a new procedure for people in Arizona. It is called ear pointing; this look will present you with the elf look, or Vulcan look.

As we can see there are many different trends around the world. Every person is different and they will always be their own person. As Coco Channel, a French designer, said, “Fashion changes, but style endures” meaning that even though we can see the differences with fashions, style is always alive. Each person has a style of their own. 

1.) Facekinis  2.)   3.) Yaeba Teeth                     4.) Extraocular Implants  5.) 

1.) Pictured are two women wearing facekinis. 
2.) A woman in China supporting the Bagel Head
3.) A Chinese girl with Yeaba teeth 
4.) A implant from the Netherlands
5.) The Mexican Pointy Boots