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Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl

Behind the Brains

By: Ashley Steele, 11

          When people hear others mention Quiz Bowl, the first question that pops into their minds is, “What is Quiz Bowl?” Quiz Bowl is a contest of intelligence that quizzes team members for points. Two teams compete against one another to answer the most questions correctly. After fifty questions, the team with the most correct answers wins.
          The Community R-VI Quiz Bowl team is sponsor by Mrs. Hollowood. To participate, you have to sign up and attend the practices that take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from three to four p.m. This year’s team members are Victor Cripe (11), Aaron Johnson (11), Megan Byrd (11), Dalton Oligschlaeger (12), Curtis Lieheimer (11) Alex Becker (11), Tina McCosky (12), and Robert Nell (12).
          On January 8, 2013, the Quiz Bowl team went to Wellsville, Missouri to compete against Montgomery, North Callaway, and of course Wellsville-Middletown. Although they lost all of the matches, they still scored over 100 points in each game. In the matches, the teams were asked questions about science, language arts, math, fine arts, and other miscellaneous topics. For each question they got right they earned ten points.
          I asked Johnson what he enjoyed the best about Quiz Bowl and he said, “Meeting new people and the competitiveness of the game are a couple of the things I enjoy best about Quiz Bowl.” Their next competition will be held here at Community R-VI on January 22, 2013 against Silex and Van- Far. Visit the Quiz Bowl page on the website for their full schedule.

In this picture starting from left: Megan Byrd (11), Aaron Johnson (11), Mrs. Hollowood (Sponsor), Curtis Lieheimer (11), Robert Nell (12), Victor Cripe (11), Sam Polacek (9), and Alex Becker (11). Not Pictured: Becky Polacek (12), Dalton Olegschlaeger (12), and Russell Lovelace (12).

In this picture starting from the back to the left: Megan Byrd (11), Aaron Johnson (11), Curtis Lieheimer (11), Robert Nell (12), Alex Becker (11), and Sam Polacek (9). In front is Victor Cripe (11).