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Teaching Students About Agriculture

By: Ashley Steele, 11


          What is Food for America? According to the Community R-VI FFA Chapter President, Julie Hale (11), Food For American is when FFA officers go to the elementary school for about forty minutes to teach about different commodities that range from cattle to corn. They try to teach the elementary students about where their food comes from and what sort of products come from them. Because of the students being from an agriculture community, the FFA Chapter wants to try to bring what they probably see every day into the classrooms. They try to instill the basic idea of how important agriculture is and how dependent we are on it.

          Each month the FFA officers teach the elementary students different things that deal with agriculture. These are the general topics: Production Agriculture, Processing, Distribution, Nutrition, Food Safety, Trade and Marketing, Environment, Careers, History and Social Development, and Agricultural Technology. The FFA officers do activities, such as have the kids make sheep out of paper and cotton balls, then explain what the sheep supplies us with. They also cook turkey burgers and popcorn chicken. Then they have the children try it and tell them which one they like best, which is usually chicken. The members then explain about what the community gets from chickens such as eggs, meat, and feathers. They also explain what they are all used for.  Although this program is designed to inform kids about agriculture and how important it is, it also helps FFA members develop leadership skills.

          Food for America is a great way to inform elementary students about the way communities get food and where the food comes from. Also, it not only helps the kids learn about what they are consuming, but also helps FFA members develop skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.


FFA members that are in this picture starting from the left are Terasa Black (12), Lindsey Gastler (11), and Joesie Allen (10).

Picture of Leah Mays (11) helping a student.

The members in this picture starting form the left are Trever Hoyt (10), Karissa Graves (9), and Kaleb Harris (11).