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Trojan Royalty 
By: Paige Curtis 

    At Community R-VI we have a different way of doing things. Since we do not have a football field or a football team we have our Homecoming during basketball season, whereas most schools call it court warming. Our Homecoming was held on February 8, 2013 against the Silex Owls. Every year each class picks a boy and a girl to be their class candidates. Then each class gets together for preparation of Homecoming. The theme this year was “Sweet Taste of Victory.” We then did many things to show our school spirit and have a fun time. During the week of Homecoming we have different days to dress up. This year Monday was “Skittles Day” where each class wore a different color, Tuesday was “Prince and Princess day” where you dressed up like a prince or a princess, Wednesday was “Nerd Day” where you dressed up as a nerd, Thursday was “Make me Snicker Day” where you wore a crazy outfit, and Friday was “Spirit Day” where you showed your Trojan spirit and wore school colors. For each day the classes got points and at the end of the week the class with the most points won that event. The seniors ended up dominating the week of dress up. Then each class got a wall near the gym to put their posters on. Most of the posters were supporting our team or were about the homecoming theme and our class. We had many days of preparation to make these posters. We also got to make a banner for each class. The only requirements were that it had to be appropriate and on a twin-sized sheet. We all also got the opportunity to sign up for games on Friday with our Student Council Representative.

    On Friday we went to our classes using our half-day schedule and going to lunch. After lunch we were sent to the old gym to participate in games. Each class had their own contestant to compete against the other classes. The winner of each game gave their class points and after the games they were all tallied up for the winner. The classes participated in many games including tug-of-war, dizzy free throw, powder puff cheerleading, and air band. There were also some messy games like balloon pop where you had to pop as many balloons as you could while sliding around in shaving cream and popping them with a plunger. There were many other games that the students played and almost all of them had a really good time. Ashley Steele, a junior at Community R-VI, said, “This is my first year doing homecoming here and it was intense. The students really get into the events and it was fun.”

    Around five o’clock the basketball games started. The junior varsity boys led us off for an over-time win, and then the varsity girls played and gained a loss. After the varsity girl’s game the varsity boys played and after the first half they were winning by two points. At half time the girls in their dresses and the boys in their suits or their basketball uniforms got together. The freshmen candidates were Danielle Brooks and Anthony Fairchild; the sophomores were Samantha Jackson and Kyle Curtis; the juniors were Julie Hale and Kaleb Harris; and the seniors were Paige Curtis and Lance Gibson. The homecoming king and queen winners from last year, Ashley Evans and Ryan Wieberg, were there to present this year’s king and queen. The whole student body voted for the king and queen they would like to win. The votes were then tallied up and the 2013 homecoming king and queen were Julie Hale and Kaleb Harris. After half time the varsity boys finished off the game gaining a win against Silex. The final score was 62-42 for the Varsity Boys.

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1.) Pictured is Jacob Eastwood doing the balloon pop in shaving cream with a plunger. 
2.) Pictured are all the classes playing the over under game. 
3.) Pictured is the Junior Class with their float. They had a milkshake and had Clint Graves dancing to the song Milkshake by Kelis.